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September 28, 2007

Cassis Arrived!!

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I received my Cassis yesterday. Omg… she is beautiful!!! I was sorely tempted to tear her out of the box and make her mine.

But sadly, with full awareness that i had just splurged on Princess A La Mode and with Dainty Biscuit on their way and the sinking reality that my medical bills are going to be taking up the bulk of my income for the next few months, I think I will have to put her up for adoption shortly.

In the meantime, I will just content myself with looking at her through the box. I feel like a little child looking at the beautiful doll through the glass display. It’s a little sad really. It does so remind me of my childhood. The period of time when my parents were still struggling to make ends meet. The time of my life when most girls I know had better shoes, better clothes and more toys than me. It’s a bittersweet memory. I am glad I went through that, or I would have turned out to be a spoilt rich brat, unappreciative of life’s little pleasures.

I do so much want to keep Cassis. Aarrgghhh… This is exasperating!

September 20, 2007

Princess A la mode Blythe Paid for

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I made the decision. I paid for Princess A la Mode. She has got to be the most expensive doll I have. I am going to make sure that I leave a space to frame her up somewhere when I move to my new place just so that I can force everyone to go and admire the masterpiece when they come to my house. Lolz.

I have been flipping through interior design books at random, trying to get ideas for the decor of my new room. I do not know how I am going to incorporate my Blythes into the Balinese zen style that I am very partial to. Somehow zen and Blythes just don’t go together.

Perhaps I have to start looking into hip granny’s attic look. That way, my Blythes won’t look out of place. I just find it hard to believe that I am actually looking to design my room to accomodate my girls.

That’s not very normal is it?

September 19, 2007

Opening a Radiant type doll

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Like I have mentioned in my last post, I could not conceal my excitement upon discovery that Last Kiss is a Radiant type doll. After hours and hours spent on the computer trying to find ways of opening up my Superior Type dolls, I chickened out. I don’t think I can deal with sawing the head of a doll open even if it does not feel it. Not to mention that I am more likely to slice off a chunk of my finger. I had joked with The Boyfriend before and asked if he would do it for me. He laughed and replied ” I might.” But The Boyfriend is about 7 hours plane ride for me. Even if I were to visit, I wouldn’t want to torment my high flier tech wizard boyfriend into sawing my doll’s head. Of course, the purpose of this blog is to show him how cool Blythes are and maybe, just maybe one day, he will agree to comb her hair for her. =)So back to head opening of Radiant Blythe Doll. The most comprehensive guide is on Puchicollective website. Nothing new here. Click on the link below to bring you direct to the page. took less than 20 min to get it out. It was a breeze. I can’t wait to open Dainty Biscuit and give her Sleep Eyes before sending her to her new owner now!! Can’t wait!

September 18, 2007

Introducing Last Kiss Blythe

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She is my latest buy. I thought I had a bargain when I paid only USD$195 for her. She was second hand and supposed to come with her full set of accessories.

Last Kiss Blythe

I was sorely disappointed when I got her though. Not only did she NOT come with her full accessories, she had arrived reeking of Japanese curry. I never had a bad experience buying from Japanese buyers in general. My packages usually arrive in pristine condition and beautifully wrapped, given the immaculate attention Japanese takes in packaging items. But this one was a sore disappointment and I could not even leave him/her a negative feedback as I have gone through a third party company to purchase my doll.

I remember calling boyfriend up to whine about the doll. To top it off, the negativity of the whole experience had influenced me to dislike her.. just a little. I could not believe I actually told boyfriend that I might sell her off after all, as she came incomplete and I really do not take to her carrot head too much either in life. Of course I was greeted with silence on the other side of the phone. I thought I could almost see the “What is she smoking on?” look on boyfriend’s face.

Well I thought that even if I wanted to sell her that I should shampoo her hair at least. The last thing I want to do is to subject another Blythe lover to the disappointment I felt.

Perhaps it was the whole process of spending time with her, I discovered that she had really lovely eye colours. She was actually growing on me.

Then of course… in the process of shampooing her, I had discovered that she had 3 screws behind her head. I couldn’t contain my excitement. It could only mean that she is a Radiant type doll, the one that is ridiculously easy to open up and customize.

I couldn’t pass up the chance. I was too chicken to open up my superior Blythe type dolls after reading all the horror stories of having to saw her open. Luckily for me too, all the tools I had in our tiny tool box actually fitted and could be used.

It took all of an hour to give her the sleep eye and boogled eye. I couldn’t resist trying everything at one time even though I was told by the nice lady at Dollz Inc that I really should just buy the Prima Dollys to experiment if I wanted to customize a doll.

I totally fell in love with her after that. So much that I took her to Melbourne with me when I went to visit boyfriend. From the looks of it, Boyfriend thinks that she is gorgeous too, although he did not understand why her eyes had to be opened and closed with different strings.


That’s the new her now. After hair wash, after changing out of her fussy gown and after her eye boogling. Doesn’t she look wide awake now after her caffeine shot? She’s definitely my favourite girl now.

September 17, 2007

Limited Edition Prima Dolly Cassis

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Oh I have gone overboard on my spending on Blythes this month. But as I have mentioned, I love the word “Limited Edition” and thus I could not resist the privilege of owning an edition of a doll that has a limited release of only 500 pieces. 500 pieces!! How could I have possible resisted the lure?


Her name is Cassis. And obviously, she cost me quite a small fortune. I had meant for this blog for E to read and amuse himself with my eccentric ways when he’s bored. But having posted 3 posts on my buys in 3 straight days… I am not quite sure if I want him to see this anymore. I have spent too much on dolls for the past few days. And that is excluding what I will spend on other shopping.

I think I will have to lay off shopping for dolls for a while and truly focus on building this up to an informative website rather than a blog for my buys.

September 15, 2007

Dainty Biscuit Blythe

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Oh look at the final product shot! She’s such a princess. Too much of a princess for me actually.

I placed a deposit for her because i wanted a pink haired doll. However, I was thinking more in line of soft pale pink as opposed to this bubble gum pink. Together with her make up, it’s a little of an overkill for me.

She will most likely end up on eBay. It’s a little bit of a pity as she is a radiant type doll. Which means that it will be a breeze opening her up and giving her sleep eye.

I will keep her clothes perhaps. I can see how precious my other dollys will look in it already. Sigh… The hair colour of Prima Dolly Peach would have been perfect on her. Perhaps I should save up for that one instead. Or maybe, I should just get down to learning how to weft hair. Hmmmm… Thought of the day….

September 14, 2007

Princess A la mode Blythe

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I have hardly been lucky in my whole entire life thus my disbelief when I received an email from Junie Moon telling me that I have been picked in the lottery to purchase the CWC 2007 Anniversary doll.


September 13, 2007

My Best Friend Blythe – Pretty in Garden

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My Best Friend Blythe

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It all started with her.

I have been seeing pictures of Blythe everywhere but never gotten around to getting one. I think they are adorable but there was not a single one that managed to capture my heart enough for me to part with USD$120 for a doll.

Then one day, while out shopping at Wheelock and passing by Dollz Inc, I saw her, up on a notice. She’s due to arrive shortly sometime at the end of the month and the shop is accepting reservations for her NOW.

I put my name down and keep my fingers crossed for a call. It never came. But we were destined to be together. For on that day, I had taken the day off to go shopping with Athena and decided to pop by Dollz Inc to see if she had arrived.

I had arrived just right when the delivery man dropped her off. I asked to pay for my doll at the very moment but was told that my name was at the end of the page. I pleaded, begged and persuaded and was one step close to throwing a bitch fit when the lady told me she could sell it to me, but at $20 more. What’s $20 more when I had finally spotted the one that I wanted? I happily paid for her and took her home.

The obsession started from then. I remember E asking me what the fuss it was about these dolls, asked me how old I was and told me to just go out, buy one and get over it. But I think he couldn’t have been more wrong. I didn’t get over it. I have found a new life obsession.

September 12, 2007

Oh this looks complicated….

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I am on the “Write” page now and the number of buttons and options on the page is making my head spin. I have never been much of a tech wiz. It’s kind of even a miracle that I can find my way around the keyboard.

When God created me, I think he created my hands for crafting and pulling my wallet out of my bag to hand my credit card to the smiling sales girl behind the cash register. It’s definitely not for punching the keyboard.

But my recent obsession with Blythes have led to many hours of back numbing pain sitting in front of my laptop finding all the different ways to customise them. In a period of 3 short months, I have acquired 4 Blythes and started work on customising 2 already.

I couldn’t stop gushing about them and that’s when my high flier, tech wiz boyfriend suggested that I start a website to do all the gushing (and leave him alone) and share the fruits of my research. Like I have said, I am not much a tech idiot and a blog is the best I can manage. But looking at all the different buttons here… maybe it will be a while before I find my way around.

I am going to give a go at uploading pictures now. Wish me good luck!

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