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September 12, 2007

Oh this looks complicated….

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I am on the “Write” page now and the number of buttons and options on the page is making my head spin. I have never been much of a tech wiz. It’s kind of even a miracle that I can find my way around the keyboard.

When God created me, I think he created my hands for crafting and pulling my wallet out of my bag to hand my credit card to the smiling sales girl behind the cash register. It’s definitely not for punching the keyboard.

But my recent obsession with Blythes have led to many hours of back numbing pain sitting in front of my laptop finding all the different ways to customise them. In a period of 3 short months, I have acquired 4 Blythes and started work on customising 2 already.

I couldn’t stop gushing about them and that’s when my high flier, tech wiz boyfriend suggested that I start a website to do all the gushing (and leave him alone) and share the fruits of my research. Like I have said, I am not much a tech idiot and a blog is the best I can manage. But looking at all the different buttons here… maybe it will be a while before I find my way around.

I am going to give a go at uploading pictures now. Wish me good luck!

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