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September 13, 2007

My Best Friend Blythe

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It all started with her.

I have been seeing pictures of Blythe everywhere but never gotten around to getting one. I think they are adorable but there was not a single one that managed to capture my heart enough for me to part with USD$120 for a doll.

Then one day, while out shopping at Wheelock and passing by Dollz Inc, I saw her, up on a notice. She’s due to arrive shortly sometime at the end of the month and the shop is accepting reservations for her NOW.

I put my name down and keep my fingers crossed for a call. It never came. But we were destined to be together. For on that day, I had taken the day off to go shopping with Athena and decided to pop by Dollz Inc to see if she had arrived.

I had arrived just right when the delivery man dropped her off. I asked to pay for my doll at the very moment but was told that my name was at the end of the page. I pleaded, begged and persuaded and was one step close to throwing a bitch fit when the lady told me she could sell it to me, but at $20 more. What’s $20 more when I had finally spotted the one that I wanted? I happily paid for her and took her home.

The obsession started from then. I remember E asking me what the fuss it was about these dolls, asked me how old I was and told me to just go out, buy one and get over it. But I think he couldn’t have been more wrong. I didn’t get over it. I have found a new life obsession.


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