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September 18, 2007

Introducing Last Kiss Blythe

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She is my latest buy. I thought I had a bargain when I paid only USD$195 for her. She was second hand and supposed to come with her full set of accessories.

Last Kiss Blythe

I was sorely disappointed when I got her though. Not only did she NOT come with her full accessories, she had arrived reeking of Japanese curry. I never had a bad experience buying from Japanese buyers in general. My packages usually arrive in pristine condition and beautifully wrapped, given the immaculate attention Japanese takes in packaging items. But this one was a sore disappointment and I could not even leave him/her a negative feedback as I have gone through a third party company to purchase my doll.

I remember calling boyfriend up to whine about the doll. To top it off, the negativity of the whole experience had influenced me to dislike her.. just a little. I could not believe I actually told boyfriend that I might sell her off after all, as she came incomplete and I really do not take to her carrot head too much either in life. Of course I was greeted with silence on the other side of the phone. I thought I could almost see the “What is she smoking on?” look on boyfriend’s face.

Well I thought that even if I wanted to sell her that I should shampoo her hair at least. The last thing I want to do is to subject another Blythe lover to the disappointment I felt.

Perhaps it was the whole process of spending time with her, I discovered that she had really lovely eye colours. She was actually growing on me.

Then of course… in the process of shampooing her, I had discovered that she had 3 screws behind her head. I couldn’t contain my excitement. It could only mean that she is a Radiant type doll, the one that is ridiculously easy to open up and customize.

I couldn’t pass up the chance. I was too chicken to open up my superior Blythe type dolls after reading all the horror stories of having to saw her open. Luckily for me too, all the tools I had in our tiny tool box actually fitted and could be used.

It took all of an hour to give her the sleep eye and boogled eye. I couldn’t resist trying everything at one time even though I was told by the nice lady at Dollz Inc that I really should just buy the Prima Dollys to experiment if I wanted to customize a doll.

I totally fell in love with her after that. So much that I took her to Melbourne with me when I went to visit boyfriend. From the looks of it, Boyfriend thinks that she is gorgeous too, although he did not understand why her eyes had to be opened and closed with different strings.


That’s the new her now. After hair wash, after changing out of her fussy gown and after her eye boogling. Doesn’t she look wide awake now after her caffeine shot? She’s definitely my favourite girl now.


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