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September 19, 2007

Opening a Radiant type doll

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Like I have mentioned in my last post, I could not conceal my excitement upon discovery that Last Kiss is a Radiant type doll. After hours and hours spent on the computer trying to find ways of opening up my Superior Type dolls, I chickened out. I don’t think I can deal with sawing the head of a doll open even if it does not feel it. Not to mention that I am more likely to slice off a chunk of my finger. I had joked with The Boyfriend before and asked if he would do it for me. He laughed and replied ” I might.” But The Boyfriend is about 7 hours plane ride for me. Even if I were to visit, I wouldn’t want to torment my high flier tech wizard boyfriend into sawing my doll’s head. Of course, the purpose of this blog is to show him how cool Blythes are and maybe, just maybe one day, he will agree to comb her hair for her. =)So back to head opening of Radiant Blythe Doll. The most comprehensive guide is on Puchicollective website. Nothing new here. Click on the link below to bring you direct to the page. took less than 20 min to get it out. It was a breeze. I can’t wait to open Dainty Biscuit and give her Sleep Eyes before sending her to her new owner now!! Can’t wait!


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