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October 22, 2007

The arrival of the Princess

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Princess A La Mode finally made it to my house last Friday. It took so much longer than expected, but if you ask me if she was worth the wait, she definitely is! Here meet the Princess!

She arrived in this box.


Upon opening the box, there is another box inside.


Ok… and yet another box, that will not look out of place at Prada. Shame on my poor photography skills though.


And then just as when I thought I will finally meet the Princess and yet another box. By now, I am secretly swearing at the good people at Takara who packed this lovingly for me. I just want to see my doll!!! I don’t care about the suspense! Good lord, now I understand why men just rip lingerie off now matter how delicate or pretty they are.


And finally, say hello to my Princess who manages to survive jet lag quite effortlessly.


She is absolutely glowing and her green hair is very soft to touch. Not coarse or rough like how I thought overdyed hair will end up. Oh well, she is a Princess after all. She must have had the best hair spa services at her disposal.

I don’t know if she is here to stay or just here on transit. I have been secretly hogging too many dolls and leaving them untouched in the box. I hope she enjoys the company of Cassis and Dainty Biscuit who are sitting alongside with her in boxes. I am a terrible Mummy.

October 16, 2007

Drums roll please… Introducing Silky!

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I never name any of my dolls. I know that everyone is going to be pissed off with me for saying this, but even as I find Blythes irresistably cute, I find it a tad too creepy to name them. Maybe its just all my friends suggesting that she is going to wake up alive next to me at night that scares me a little, but I thought that naming the dolls is a tad overwhelming, like I am putting too much life into her. (Please don’t kill me for saying this!)

Well, anyway, I threw that out of the window after spending hours and hours sewing wefted hair onto her scalp without a thimble. For those attempting to reroot or sew wefted hair on your dolly, PLEASE REMEMBER to do yourself a favour and buy a thimble. I was quite sure I was going to lose my thumb after 2 days of sewing.

Hours spent on sewing and more agonizing hours spent on trying to fit her scalp back later (I could not get the damaged flange out of the gutter!!) I felt like I had bonded with her. I had damaged her permanently after my amateur attempt at scalping and wefting her hair. The scalp wouldn’t fit properly, leaving a 0.01mm gap between her scalp and face plate in the front and at the back where the stuck flange refused to move, there is a highly visible gap that runs like a scar at the back of her head.

On top of that, I had realised that using the hair wefting method suggested on the Cool Cat, is best only if you want bangs for your dolls, As even after ironing the hair to a side part, it falls all over her face, covering that pretty face of hers. To top it off, my biggest nightmare was the side hair parting on her scalp parting to expose the wefted roots. If you look at the picture below, you will get what I mean.


My Mum had commented that she looked like she had just undergone a massive head surgery than a make over. I actually burst out crying at one stage over what I had done to her. I had bought her because I thought that she was the most naturally beautiful doll I had ever seen. I totally love her eye colours and in my attempt to glamourize her, I had scarred her instead! Totally unforgivable!

I like my things to be perfect. I had considered selling her off because I cannot deal with the flaws I had inflicted on her. I was playing with the idea of just running out to buy a new one. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I felt like I had put something into her and I cannot just throw her out like this.

Reflecting on my current state of mind, I felt a little like her. Still beautiful on the outside, still glamorous but scarred and all messed up beneath. Can I throw myself out simply because there are chips off my shoulder and because my mind is all messed up at the moment? No I can’t.

So I had damaged her in my attempt to customize her whilst in depression. It’s a fact but it’s also undeniable she is still beautiful after I conceal her flaws. And her hair is so silky that I am almost jealous. She reminds me of Silky who lives on Far Away Tree in my childhood Enid Blyton books and I knew she had to be Silky, for all the times that story brought joy to me as a child.

So Silky’s far from perfect, but she is still impossibly gorgeous with her flaws. More importantly, she is still smiling and not letting the flaws get her down. I know you may think it sounds strange, but isn’t that something we should learn to do?

So there you go, you have Silky.


And yes, she will get a proper haircut soon. =)

October 8, 2007

Scalp opening for Superior type Blythe dolls

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I have decided to give my Save The Animals Blythe new hair. While it is true that those sassy curls of hers was one of the attractive traits about her when I first bought her, but I later found out that I hated the rough texture of her hair. It’s too coarse for my liking.

Sooo I decided that the little Tomboy of the group is now ready to be a lady. I had bought her some wefting hair from a Taiwanese website.

The instructions were not written in perfect clear english, but with the help of the pictures, it seems simple enough. So I took the plunge and place the order for the hair.


I chose Khaki in the end. Two skeins of it in all. The texture is AMAZING. Very soft and silky. Am not sure if it is enough though at this point of time, but it sure looks like it is enough at the moment.

The scalp opening was nothing, nothing short of a nightmare. Madam Puchi had made it sound so simple and effortless. This is the website I had gone to for instructions.

It sounded simple enough but they must have used a whole tube of glue of my girl at the factory. I took two nights, a cut on my finger before I finally removed her scalp. Even so, I had damaged it very badly in some areas.

Look at the damaged scalp and flange in the pictures below.



I had followed every single instruction written on the website but found that it was impossible to gently pry the scalp off. Did I end up missing some instructions? Like to soak the head in warm water before proceeding to remove the scalp? Will be great if someone could point out where I had gone wrong.

Now I worry that I cannot fix her scalp back to her head probably after this degree of damage.

Anyway, her hair is in the process of being sewn on now. It should be done in a day or two. In the meantime, my poor girl is hiding from the paparazzi with the help of my brand new Lulu Guiness scarf (Athena’s birthday present to me!) and her sunnies. The lucky girl! I have not even used it myself yet! But I figured out that she deserved every bit of it due to the stress I am subjecting her to. I will be miserable if I am forced to live without hair, even if it is for a few days.


Tell her that she still looks good! I promise to fix her in the next two days. Perhaps I will even take her to New York with me, to make up for the trauma she had gone through. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can fix her by then.

October 6, 2007

Obviously not cut out to be a seamstress….

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I pride myself for being able to churn out lovely items with my hands. Drawing, jewellery, arts and crafts etc…. I tend to be quite good with my hands. Unfortunately, it has become very clear that sewing clothes for dolls is not one of my talents.

I tried to make a dress out of an old night slip that I was going to throw away. I tried to make a skirt, but the waist band ended up so thick that it made her look like she has tyre around her waist. In the end, I had to pull the skirt so high up, right to under her breast just so it looks like an empire dress over her cute black slip dress.


Well, I guess I will just have to be content with shopping for clothes instead, which I guess is just as fun.

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