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November 9, 2007

Silky and my Asian Girl

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I have been terrible at upkeeping this site but it really does not mean that I have stopped playing with my dolls. If anything, I play with them more than ever these days. They have been a great comfort to me when I am feeling down and out.


Like how Silky and my Asian Girl sat behind me here watching TV while I grapple with my japanese homework. I call her Asian girl because 1) She looks most like me with her black bob and I had that hairstyle for a while 2) I have been trying to customise her to look Asian and 3) that’s what The Boyfriend calls her. It’s also been decided The Boyfriend shall name her. I think all the girls are getting jealous that Silky has a name and they are still all refered to as just simply Blythes or my girls or my dollies.

But I am really not showing favouritism. It’s just that Silky went through the most with me and I feel very very bad over what I had to put the poor darling through whenever I am in a destructive mood. Like cutting her bangs so short (that it stuck out at a strange angle like she is wearing a visor), at 1 am one night after going through a particular bad patch. She’s fixed now though. I had reweft her hair since. She’s a really sweet girl. Despite having to go without her hair twice, she did not winge at all, she’s just there, quietly willing me to cheer up and to fix her soon. She’s a really good girl.


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