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November 29, 2007

Goodbye my Dainty Princess!

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So… I have been so tied up with work, life and everything else that I fail to update this blog as frequently as I would love to.

I have received, customized and now sold my Dainty Princess all in a span of maybe two months? I did not like her as much as I thought I would. I did not like the pink shade of her hair and I hated her make up. I meant to sell her as she was but with no takers on TIB forum and Miss Blythe Forum, I decided to make her my first major customization experiment.

I probably have mentioned this before. I love radiant type dolls. They are so easy to open up for customization. It’s almost a sin not to give a radiant doll sleep eye when she is so easy to customize. I was contemplating boogled eyes too… but decided against it in the end. I find that boogled elyes give the dolls a startled look and it is only suitable for the girls with more timid nature. Lolz. Somehow my Dainty Princess just don’t give the vibes that she will be easily frightened or scared. =)

One important lesson I have learnt on opening Radiant type blythe dolls is to take serious note on which screw goes where as there are some extra screws that comes with this doll. I have used the wrong screw on the wrong component and it nearly scared me to death when her eyes refuses to change. It took me a while to figure out that I might have used the wrong screw on the wrong parts and fortunately (phew) when corrected, the eye mechanism worked again. It was a nightmare putting her back together as I had earlier misplaced one screw.

When put back together, she had light sparkly liliac eyelids and a new lip colour. I had kept her original blusher as it was a nice colour. I have also found out that it is totally unneccessary to remove the original lip color. Even when I had painted a lighter colour over, it covered the original color very well. It was my first time painting lips and I did not trust my shaky hands to do a good job with it without a guide. So I simply decided that she will go for a light matte pink lip color instead of a glossy translucent one. Not adding more arcrylic extender did the job of not diluting the color. I am not 100% pleased with the job, but she definitely looks ton better after a new lip color.

This is the new her.


She will be leaving for her new home fairly soon though. I think I am going to miss her even though I had wanted to sell her away so badly initially. I would have kept her… if not for the fact that I need to raise funds for L’il Heart by Milk. I am going crazy thinking about owning her. Hee….

I hope my Dainty Princess will be going to a good home. Good bye my Dainty Princess… Mummy is going to miss you.


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