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November 30, 2007

My Lust List

Filed under: Blythe Diary — theblythemummy @ 4:53 am

1. L’il Heart Blythe by Milk
2. Ultimate Tour Blythe
3. Angelica Eve
4. Enchanted Petal
5. Darling Diva
6. Cinema Princess
7. Prima Dolly Peach
8. A Kenner.

I cannot get Angelica Eve out of my mind. The more I look at her pictures, the more I want her. I finally found someone who will part with L’il Heart with complete outfit. She is costing me a small fortune but I think she is a total diva and totally worth the price. Now I am just waiting for the buyer of my Dainty Biscuit to pay up so I can pay for L’il Heart partially with my credit card and pretend that I did not spend all that much.

Am willing the buyer of DB to pay up now…. so I can make my payment and wait for the arrival of my L’il Heart.


  1. Oh my… I don’t know if I can resist the pull of Angelica Eve either… I don’t really want a massive Blythe family but rarely do new girls come along and I actually am willing to put down money for it. She’s been the perfect Kenner-alternative for me in a looong while (I’m not a fan of HH much =/) … that or I try to save up my pennies and get a REAL KENNER… which would be a dream come true *__*

    I seriously do not know what to do… I told my boyfriend and friends that I wouldn’t spend a cent on a new doll until May (after exams) because of my massive Kozy purchase ;__; … AE is too cute…

    Comment by Myra — November 30, 2007 @ 7:41 am

  2. I think I am slowly caving in too… I cannot resist AE. My blythe obsession is not doing me any good. Lolz. Fortunately, I still don’t see the attractiion of a kenner… but I just may have to get it eventually, just so I can say I have one. Ha ha.

    Comment by theblythemummy — December 3, 2007 @ 2:40 am

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