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December 14, 2007

My newest toy

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I never thought that I will ever learn how to sew. Back in high school, we had home economics class for 2 years. The aim of the course, was to ensure that the girls could do the basic household chores… like cooking, sewing and learning the difference between all the different cleaning chemicals. Thinking back, it surprises me that the Singapore government spends so much money providing affordable education for both boys and girls…making sure that the women of Singapore are just as educated, yet they had expect the women to be doing all the household chores. Hmmmm…But anyway, I had enjoyed most of my home economics classes. I had learnt that I loved cooking and baking from those classes. But I could never sew. We were required to learn how to use the sewing machine and make little items like a basic skirt and pouches and I simply never got the hang of it. I ended up taking my project to the seamstress outside my school and paying her to do it for me.When my Mum suggested that I buy a sewing machine after watching me spent hours and hours hand stitching the dolly dresses, I was sceptical. I never quite forgot how I struggled with the sewing machine or how one of my classmates had the needle pierced through her nail and through her finger because she had been careless. I shudder at the thought.Finally, my Mum decided to surprise me with a sewing machine. It’s simple and basic but it works. And i realised that while I struggled with the sewing machine back in high school, I am relatively better with it now. My stitches are still not entirely straight but hey… I managed to make dresses out of them.I am still not good enough to make the whole entire dress with machine. Come to the more delicate part, I still decide that hand stitching is easier for me. But having this new toy halves the time I spend on a dress. I totally love it. I feel like on top of the fun of making new dresses for my dolls, I get to play the fashion designer. When I am working on a new dress, nothing else can distract me from it.Here’s showing off my newest toy and the first dress produced from the machine, as modelled by my Asian here’s showing off the back….ok I have to confess I made a bare back because it is way easier to make at this point of can foresee a new compulsive shopping obsession… lots and lots of fabrics and ribbons. =)

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