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December 17, 2007

L’il Heart by Milk paid for….

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She will be my Christmas present to myself. (I actually said the same thing when I bought a SKII skincare set from the airport) I think I have said this before and I will say it again, I think she is the most glamourous Blythe and I think her price tag reflects that. I had paid USD$330 for her and she’s not even brand new. Brand new ones are at USD$450 and above. I think I have scored myself a pretty good deal even for a second hand one.milk.pngI am beginning to see these dolls as potential forms of investment. Invest in the right dolls and a few years down the road, you get a nice pay out if you decide to sell it. But that’s my only problem. I might not want to sell it. I buy a doll only when I really like it and I might not want to sell it at all. Nevertheless, it’s a good excuse I give my Mum when she raises her eyebrows at me when I come home with yet another doll.I need to get a grip on myself right now. No more dolls for a while. I need to focus on making them more clothes and acquiring more MJs for them. Yes the MJs… I still find it hard to believe that the dolls’ shoes can end up costing more than real shoes. In Asia, it’s still possible to buy a pair of shoes for USD$15 and those white and black MJs are like what… USD$29.90 on eBay?I am half considering going to my manufacturer with the MJ and asking them to produce the MJs for me. I might be the only person who gets rich from selling Blythe MJs. =) Then… I can buy as many dolls as I want. Wouldn’t life be so perfect then? Lolz…

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