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December 31, 2007

Best sanding sponge found!!

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For those in search of sanding sponge for your dollies, I have found the perfect one. I have been searching high and low for the Norton sanding sponges to no avail in Singapore. I tried  3M Fine sanding sponge and it still left scratchy swirls on my dolls. I know that I should use the Extra Fine one, but it is simply not available. Singaporeans are just not known to be to like to DIY around their own apartments. I have a friend who even pays for someone to go clean his turtle tank for him. So I stumbled upon this new shop in town while shopping at Spotlight for new fabric. It’s called Daisco and the most awesome thing about this shop is that..everything in the shop sells for only SGD$2, which works out to be around USD$1.40. It had everything from cosmetics, stationary, clothes to Hello Kitty products. I simply went wild at the Hello Kitty section buying way too many stuff for myself and girlfriends.Done with Hello Kitty shopping, I thought I would try my luck at the household section and lo and behold… I found some sanding sponge. Again… there is nothing to indicate that it was extra fine sanding sponge. I thought I would buy it anyway, since it is a grand total of only SGD$2 and it turned out to be one of my best finds! It had worked beautifully on my dolls.Fortunately that the sanding sponge was perfect for my dolls to as I had spent a lot of time over the weekend at home expending my restless energy on them. So for those who have Daisco in their home country… do look out for this Japanese brand of sanding sponge. sanding.pngSorry that I do not know what it’s called as it is mostly in Japanese. But hopefully the picture here of the packaging will help.      

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