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February 28, 2008

Natasha Moore for Pre Order

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Word’s out that Natasha Moore’s out on Ebay for Pre Order. She is looking so good that I could not resist running to Dollzinc and plonking my deposit down for a preorder. There’s a particular Ebayer that has her on pre order for only USD$80 and USD$30 for shipping. That’s a real bargain atm especially with the weak USD!!!

Here’s a actual pic of her. Tell me how anyone can possibly resist her (mole or no mole). I say… just sand off the mole if you have that bothers you.


Myself? I think i might be giving M a beauty mole sometime soon.

February 26, 2008

M in Hong Kong

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I had to be in HK for some meetings with the studios. It would have been exciting if not for the fact that I am trying not to shop so that I can go crazy when I go Tokyo with the girls next month. 

So for company, I brought M along for her first trip. Good thing too or I would have been bored to death in my hotel room at night by myself.

February 11, 2008

Blythes and Licca for Sale

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So back from Tokyo.

I am in desperate need to start selling some dolls to make room for new ones. Of 10 years of living in my current house,my cabinets have never failed me. It has started to fail me recently. I can no longer stuff everything into it and pretend that I am a compulsive, obsessive neat freak.

As if having my own clothes strewn all over the place is not bad enough. I now have doll clothes by my bedside table, on my glass table, doll boxes in my cabinet and strewn all over my walk in wardrobe. It is beginning to get to me. So I have put up some of my dolls for adoption to clear like 2% of the clutter.

Up for adoption is Ashlette, Cassis and a Licca doll. Please find information on their adoption fees here.

February 1, 2008

Natasha Moore’s my baby

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Someone slap me. Dunk my head in cold water or something. Wake me up to my senses and make me repeat ” I do not need to buy new dolls for a long long long time.”I have not even opened up Aubrey for customization, yet. Nor have I paid enough attention to my Little Heart yet (that poor baby hasn’t even gotten a name yet) and I am dreaming of more purchases. I just put my money down for Ultimate Tour Blythe, thinking of buying Mrs Retro Mama next week in Tokyo and I am quite sure that Natasha Moore will somehow find its way to my home.

No. I am not a fan of that mole. I think that will probably have to be sanded off. It’s the clothes.. and the purplish red hair. She’s so chic that it’s a crime not to have her. Lilian pointed out that she’s superior mold, which means I will not have as much fun customizing her, but that is almost a none issue in the face of her Royal Chicness.


Someone just slap me.

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