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April 17, 2008

The things I do for my girls…

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The things I pick up just to please my girls… it started with the sewing machine.. then crocheting… then picking up screw drivers and chalk pastels to customize them and now felting. Just so I can make them delicious cakes.

My friend just pointed out to me that I have a lot of potential in excelling in one area but because I choose to spread my interest so thin… I am turning into the Jill of all trades but master of none. Looking at my flickr pics, I think I am not the only Blythe Mummy with this problem. =)

It’s a delightful problem to have, only my room is turning into a clutter with cloth, dolls, felt, yarn and books all over the place. And as much as I indulge in my girls… my Mum does not have the same tolerance for me. The ultimatum: To clean up the clutter in my room by this weekend.

So there.. these are probably these cakes are probably the last batch of anything they will get from me until I have cleaned out my room. A trip to Ikea is inevitable now….*Smacks head*

That’s Tommy and Milk on a rare night in together. They are the olsen twins of my dolls… only I am wondering if I should give up Milk to purchase ridiculously expensive Mondie.

The dilemma….

I think I need either a pay increase or a new job. Lol.

April 16, 2008

My Faux Peach

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Faux Peach

So there you go… my Faux Peach. Finally all fixed up.

Customizations on Faux Peach is as follow:
-New make up
-New Saran Hair Reroot
-Sleep Eyes
-Spray Matted

I must say that I am rather pleased with the overall effect. Yes I still have a gap in her scalp at the back of her head and her make up is a little uneven (Note to self and all: Do NOT attempt to apply make up on dolls at night as you really see best under natural light. Well at very least, hold temptation to spray matte her until morning so u can still fix her mistakes.) but I am giving myself some slack because it’s my first attempt. *Pats self on the back*

To make her truly exclusive, I even made her her own dress. Painstakingly handsewn and you cannot see it, but I even made her matching knickers as I wanted the peek a boo effect with a dress so short. Lol.

I do not know if it’s just me, I felt that I ought to have really bonded with her but this is not happening yet. I suspect it’s my perfectionist streak… here I am saying that I do not mind her gap at the back of her head but I think it’s really bugging me in reality.

Perhaps I should work on rotating her scalp back to its original position. It might be the reason why the scalp is not going back into the head nicely. And yes… a coat of varnish on her lips will be nice too.

April 4, 2008

Little Saran Hair Rerooting Tips from the beginner who survived it.

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I have been lusting after Peach. But she seemed more and more unattainable as time passes. When the Prima Dolly Encore came out, I made a snap decision to make my own.

Nothing…. simply nothing would have prepared me for the long tedious work ahead. Rerooting is not a difficult to skill to pick up just from reading tutorials from Ggroovydoll and likes. It’s just really time consuming, back breaking and tedious. Paying USD150 to have someeone do the reroot for you almost works out to be economical when I counted the hours and nights I spent in front of the TV working on the reroot.

But here’s a few more tips to add on for the beginners like myself.
1. Wear a thimble and save your fingers. It really really hurts after a while.

2. Buy a small plier. It comes in very helpful when the holes are too small and the needles get stuck. You use the plier to push in or pull out the needle.

3. I didn’t know how to work with the saran hair and wasted a lot of it in the initial stage as they all get too tangled up for me to work on. I cut the large skein as instructed and started working from there. What I did not realise is that as you pull them out, the rest starts to tangle.I wasted about 25% of that skein by not separating them out.

I minimized wastage with the second skein by dividing the large skein into smaller chunks. I used hair from each individual small chunk instead and that really helped to prevent the hair from getting all tangled up and messy.

This is the end result of my Fake Peach. Next step… I have to work on figuring out how to stuff her scalp back in.


Any suggestions for her make up is welcome as that will be my weekend project this week. Have a good weekend everyone!

April 3, 2008

The Secret World of Junie Moon

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Anyone who has been to Junie Moon will know that it is a nightmare trying to locate that place. I would have never done it with the help of my friend Alex and his handy portable multimedia device that directed us there.

What’s a pity was that I was in a total mad rush to get to the airport, as there was news of a pending snow storm. So there I was at Junie Moon and all I had was 10 minutes to grab my Mrs Retro Mama and a book for a Dolly friend and run out of the shop.

But it was worth all the trouble getting there even if it was just for 10 minutes. I left that shop with the vision of renovating my new room exactly in the same dreamy, whimsical fashion and I thought I was over the “cute” and was into zen. Oh well…

I was going to start going clicking away on my camera when I was approached by their doll like sales assistants informing me that pictures were not allowed in the shop. It’s really a pity as there’s sooooo much to inspire you in the shop. But fortunately, Alex saves the day again. He managed to sneak in one precious shot and here you go….


Tell me if thats not a dream come true if I can have a wall full of Blythes….

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