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July 23, 2008

Keeping count.

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Oh my god… I have been sooooo busy for the past few months. I have meant to achieve so many things dolly wise (sand matting, more rerooting, more dolly clothes) and I never got around to having anything done at all.

I did managed to buy a lot more dollies though. In fact, I think I have lost track of how many dollies I have. I am going through this exercise to track the number of dollies I have at the moment.

MBF (Stella)
RDP (Jade)
STA (Silky)
LK (Juliet)
AE (Sasha)
L’il Heart by Milk (Nameless)
Tommy Feb 6 ( Nameless)
UT (Jolie)
PDE Saffy (Marilyn)
PDE Aubrey ( Nameless Faux Peach)
Heart of Montmatre (Pearl)
Precocious Candy Mushroom (Nameless)

In boxes
Mrs Retro Mama

For Sale
Tommy Feb 6 (I have 2!)
HOM NRFB (Yes I have an extra one of that too)
Goovy Groove
Superior Skate Date

Ok 17 dollies in all. I reckon I will be in good shape once I start selling off the ones that I want to sell. It’s getting a little too much to handle.

I have absolutely no idea how some Mummys have so many dollies and still have them all looking impeccably groomed and cared for. Some of my girls are definitely looking a little “wild” at the moment.

This weekend, I am going to brainstorm for names for my unnamed girls. And all of them are going to get a change of clothes. Maybe a bath too.

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