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September 23, 2008

Meet Marshmellow

Filed under: Blythe Diary — theblythemummy @ 9:38 am

I admit. I have been neglecting my girls. I got Marshmellow at the end of June and never got around to letting her out until recently. It’s no wonder that she is mad at me and throwing a hissy fit. She demanded that i put her back into the box, refused to meet the other girls and sits outside the room to sulk and pout. 

But what’s a girl got to do when she has more pressing issues on hand. Like getting orders in time for production, like socializing and like keeping her online shops updated? The past two months have been a little nightmarish. But I am happy to say.. that I finally have my Blog Shop up and I am  hoping that all my friends here who have been coming back to visit me on this blog, will indulge me the same way for my blog shop and go take a peek there sometimes.

It’s not the most sophisticated thing around and still needs tweaking but I sure hope that my stash of goodies from my wardrobe will make up for the lack of IT glitz. Do drop by at if you have a chance and forward it to your friends if you like the things you see. Thank you!

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