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October 7, 2009

For Adoption: HOM

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So unfortunately the answer is YES.

HOM is a beautiful girl with the softest make up and prettiest eye colors… however, she simply fails to connect with me. I might regret this in future but this poor girl was very neglected.

She’s developing self doubts as she simply does not understand what it is that other girls have and she does not have that caused her to sit quietly on the shelf all by herself all this time. I am very guilty of dolly abuse with her. The only right thing to do is to let her go to a new mummy who will love her.

She is in pristine condition. No scratches or stains. She will go nude to her new mummy, along in her box and stand.

Asking for: USD$280
Postage: USD$30 to European countries and USD$25 to all other countries via Registered Post.

Drop me a note to find out more about her.

June 11, 2009


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sonia 1

sonia 2

Sonia is a kooky freelance writer who lives in the lovely city of Paris. When she is not busy meeting deadlines, she will be roaming the streets of Paris taking delightful pictures of the city she loves most in the world.

She also takes pleasure in sitting at the cafe and watching the world goes by over her cup of espresso.

You will most likely find her at Hotel Costes during her free evenings, hanging out with her girlies and waiting to pounce on her next exclusive feature.

This is Sonia, getting ready for a big night out, in true, glamourous Parisian style.

March 18, 2009

Ponyo my red hair mohair!

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So I was talking about rerooting a mohair in my last post (yes it’s been months!!) and I am happy to be able to say that I survived my first mohair reroot.

Compared to rerooting saran, I prefer mohair because it is a lot faster. However, not wanting to go down the lane of dyeing raw mohair, I was restricted to ordering pre dyed mohair. There are  simply not a lot of choices out there when you are looking for pre dyed mohair and if you want them beyond 6 inches. But I still think it turned out well despite the limitations.

I picked Silky, my Save The Animal doll for this project. I decided I wanted a little tanned girl to carry off that red hair. Plus I hated how I ruined her scalp from my first wefting projecting. I replaced her old scalp with a cool cat scalp for this project. Cool cat scalps fit amazingly and although it is slightly taller than the regular head dome, it does not matter much in this case because it will be covered by all that mohair fluffiness anyway.

So here’s Ponyo, my creation, dressed in Louos Loves. She’s already on her way to her new mummy. I really hope she likes her as much as I did.

I think I will be keeping the next mohair reroot and Louos Loves set for myself. 




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