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March 18, 2009

Ponyo my red hair mohair!

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So I was talking about rerooting a mohair in my last post (yes it’s been months!!) and I am happy to be able to say that I survived my first mohair reroot.

Compared to rerooting saran, I prefer mohair because it is a lot faster. However, not wanting to go down the lane of dyeing raw mohair, I was restricted to ordering pre dyed mohair. There are  simply not a lot of choices out there when you are looking for pre dyed mohair and if you want them beyond 6 inches. But I still think it turned out well despite the limitations.

I picked Silky, my Save The Animal doll for this project. I decided I wanted a little tanned girl to carry off that red hair. Plus I hated how I ruined her scalp from my first wefting projecting. I replaced her old scalp with a cool cat scalp for this project. Cool cat scalps fit amazingly and although it is slightly taller than the regular head dome, it does not matter much in this case because it will be covered by all that mohair fluffiness anyway.

So here’s Ponyo, my creation, dressed in Louos Loves. She’s already on her way to her new mummy. I really hope she likes her as much as I did.

I think I will be keeping the next mohair reroot and Louos Loves set for myself. 




August 12, 2008

Project of the Month – Mohair Blythe

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I have decided. My Project Blythe this month will be a mohair doll. I was contemplating putting my STA (Silky) up for adoption since I barely play with it. Deep down, I also know the real reason behind that. The reason is her glaring scalp line and it is my fault too. I had failed to remove her scalp properly the first time and it had resulted in mangled or none existent flange. Never EVER attempt customization when feeling down and out!

I was putting her up for adoption on TIB when it suddenly hit me that I do not have a Mohair Blythe. I stopped typing. I do like STA. I think she’s a very classy, elegant chick, albeit the original Mumsy hair that she came with and my failed attempt at giving her luscious locks. What if, just what if… I give her another new look. She could be my first mohair baby. 

My search for mohair started. The Bountiful Baby site scared the shit out of me and I had to get out  of that site as soon as I can without buying anything. I did not want wefted mohair from Coolcat, besides the hair looks like a mess and the colors looked unimaginative. I spent the last two hours researching on Mohair and found that 1) bad news is that there are not many sites that sells nice dyed mohair that ships overseas and 2) good news is that shearing months are in August (yipee!) which means there will be lots of mohair to go about soon.

I have emailed 2 sellers who looked like they might be willing to dye the hair for you at reasonable prices. Now I am just playing the waiting game. I will come back with more information on this site once I have found my source. 

Wish me good luck!

July 30, 2008

Jade had a little accident last night….

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Don’t laugh. It’s not very funny. (Well it is really quite funny) Jade’s hair and eyelashes were melted by accident last night. And no, she didn’t do that while trying to light up a ciggie to have a smoke like the naughty Stella did. 

It was me! The absent minded Mummy who did that to her. I was trying to do the final touch up to her new dress set that I sewed for her when it happened. You know the little trick of melting the ends of the ribbon so that it will not fray? I was doing that when it happened.

For the totally clueless, here’s a tip for you. If you want to stop the ribbon from fraying, hold a flame close to ends of the ribbon for like 2 seconds and It will melt the ends of the ribbon and stop it from fraying EVER. 

It was the final step that I had to do before setting up the photoshoot for her and I was so excited. However when I was done with her dress and proceeded to smoothing out her hair, I realised something was terribly wrong. A chunk of her hair at the ends had melted and her right eyelashes had melted to a stump!

I was 100% sure that the flame did not touch her hair or was even close to her hair or eyelashes. So here’s the news ladies! A naked flame held to your girls around 4″ away can still melt her hair and lashes. No contact is neccessary. So if you ever want to do finishing touches, remember to remove it from her body and do it far away from your girls, even if they insist that they are not scared of fire and that they want to watch what you are doing.


Where my finger is pointing is where I had the flame to melt the ends. 

And this is a close up of her melted hair.


And this is what happened to her eyelashes.

An emergency operation had to take place last night at 11.30pm at night. I couldn’t bear the thought of my poor Jade going without eyelashes even for one night. I ransacked my own make up stash and decided something had to be done immediately. Even if it meant using my own fake Shu Umera eyelashes. (My mum is so going to shake her head and sigh if she found out that I used my $28 eye lashes on a doll!) 

While the transplant went without a hitch… the glue that I had used started to leave stains on her face. Just when I thought the drama was over and was going to give her a hair cut!!! And you know how glue is like on plastic, they are a nightmare to remove. I spent 15 min cleaning her face with my sponge before I was satisfied that it wasn’t going to leave a permanant mark on my precious baby. 

It did not leave a mark on my precious girl. But I suspect that my over zealous rubbing had caused part of her make up to come up. Oh bother! I cannot believe so many things can happen in one night! Now I got to rework on her make up. I was contemplating it before but now it seems like I have no choice but to go through with it. But this will have to be best left to another day. Probably in the weekend. 

A hair trim followed after her facial. While at it, I started trimming my own fringe too. Lol. Talk about Mummy, daughter bonding sessions!

And what the heck. I might as well give her a shower now that she had a facial. Amazingly, I managed to clean off a lot of clothes stains just by cleaning her with my face sponge from Body Shop and with just WATER! Someone please try it and see if it is just me. 

I powdered her and was finally able to call it a day at 12.45am. I don’t want to imagine what my life will be like when I have real babies. 

Pictures of her new outfit with Jade’s newly trimmed hair will be up tomorrow!

April 4, 2008

Little Saran Hair Rerooting Tips from the beginner who survived it.

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I have been lusting after Peach. But she seemed more and more unattainable as time passes. When the Prima Dolly Encore came out, I made a snap decision to make my own.

Nothing…. simply nothing would have prepared me for the long tedious work ahead. Rerooting is not a difficult to skill to pick up just from reading tutorials from Ggroovydoll and likes. It’s just really time consuming, back breaking and tedious. Paying USD150 to have someeone do the reroot for you almost works out to be economical when I counted the hours and nights I spent in front of the TV working on the reroot.

But here’s a few more tips to add on for the beginners like myself.
1. Wear a thimble and save your fingers. It really really hurts after a while.

2. Buy a small plier. It comes in very helpful when the holes are too small and the needles get stuck. You use the plier to push in or pull out the needle.

3. I didn’t know how to work with the saran hair and wasted a lot of it in the initial stage as they all get too tangled up for me to work on. I cut the large skein as instructed and started working from there. What I did not realise is that as you pull them out, the rest starts to tangle.I wasted about 25% of that skein by not separating them out.

I minimized wastage with the second skein by dividing the large skein into smaller chunks. I used hair from each individual small chunk instead and that really helped to prevent the hair from getting all tangled up and messy.

This is the end result of my Fake Peach. Next step… I have to work on figuring out how to stuff her scalp back in.


Any suggestions for her make up is welcome as that will be my weekend project this week. Have a good weekend everyone!

January 21, 2008

Sparkly Eye Make Up for Blythe

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I just thought that I would give a short, quick tutorial on how to give your dollies sparkly eye make up. I have been asked this question by a couple of people after they saw Sasha with her her brand new sparkly eye make up.  

One of the reasons why I like AE was the lack of make up on her face. She had looked so quiet and understated with just her cheek and lip colors. However, I cannot connect with her like my other dollies. I do not feel her personality at all. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that she was a present. Even though I had badly wanted her, I simply cannot connect.She has morphed to be a Fairy Godmother like presence amongst my dolls over time. It probably has to do with the fact that she was given to me as a present to cheer me up. So somehow it seems like she has taken on the same role to my other dolls.  Since she’s the Fairy God mother, she has to look like one.

My idea of an angel or fairy god mother is one with ethereal beauty. She needs to look like she is radiating from within and it was with this in mind that prompted me to give her sparkly eye dust. Here’show she looks now.


To achieve this, you need eye dust from any make up store and gloss varnish. I sprinkled a first layer of eye dust onto her eyelids and sealed it with varnish. Before the varnish dries, I sprinkle another layer on so that it will adhere onto the varnish. I wait for a little while before sealing that layer of eye dust with yet another layer of varnish. Depending on the intensity you would like to achieve, keep repeating the steps above and sealing the final layer with the gloss varnish.Do take note to keep checking the smoothness of the close eye function while you layer on. (Make sure the gloss is dry when you do this because you do not want to ruin her make up!) If you pile on the eye dust and varnish too thickly, it does get into the way of the close eye function and you will find that the eyes will not close as smoothly.  

I hope this post will be helpful to those who wants to achieve the same effect for their dolls. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.    

December 31, 2007

Best sanding sponge found!!

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For those in search of sanding sponge for your dollies, I have found the perfect one. I have been searching high and low for the Norton sanding sponges to no avail in Singapore. I tried  3M Fine sanding sponge and it still left scratchy swirls on my dolls. I know that I should use the Extra Fine one, but it is simply not available. Singaporeans are just not known to be to like to DIY around their own apartments. I have a friend who even pays for someone to go clean his turtle tank for him. So I stumbled upon this new shop in town while shopping at Spotlight for new fabric. It’s called Daisco and the most awesome thing about this shop is that..everything in the shop sells for only SGD$2, which works out to be around USD$1.40. It had everything from cosmetics, stationary, clothes to Hello Kitty products. I simply went wild at the Hello Kitty section buying way too many stuff for myself and girlfriends.Done with Hello Kitty shopping, I thought I would try my luck at the household section and lo and behold… I found some sanding sponge. Again… there is nothing to indicate that it was extra fine sanding sponge. I thought I would buy it anyway, since it is a grand total of only SGD$2 and it turned out to be one of my best finds! It had worked beautifully on my dolls.Fortunately that the sanding sponge was perfect for my dolls to as I had spent a lot of time over the weekend at home expending my restless energy on them. So for those who have Daisco in their home country… do look out for this Japanese brand of sanding sponge. sanding.pngSorry that I do not know what it’s called as it is mostly in Japanese. But hopefully the picture here of the packaging will help.      

September 19, 2007

Opening a Radiant type doll

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Like I have mentioned in my last post, I could not conceal my excitement upon discovery that Last Kiss is a Radiant type doll. After hours and hours spent on the computer trying to find ways of opening up my Superior Type dolls, I chickened out. I don’t think I can deal with sawing the head of a doll open even if it does not feel it. Not to mention that I am more likely to slice off a chunk of my finger. I had joked with The Boyfriend before and asked if he would do it for me. He laughed and replied ” I might.” But The Boyfriend is about 7 hours plane ride for me. Even if I were to visit, I wouldn’t want to torment my high flier tech wizard boyfriend into sawing my doll’s head. Of course, the purpose of this blog is to show him how cool Blythes are and maybe, just maybe one day, he will agree to comb her hair for her. =)So back to head opening of Radiant Blythe Doll. The most comprehensive guide is on Puchicollective website. Nothing new here. Click on the link below to bring you direct to the page. took less than 20 min to get it out. It was a breeze. I can’t wait to open Dainty Biscuit and give her Sleep Eyes before sending her to her new owner now!! Can’t wait!

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