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January 31, 2008

Prima Dolly Saffy Encore

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I went to pick up my babies with Lilian last evening. Going doll shopping alone is fun. Going with a fellow dolly friend is double the fun. While I had picked up my pre order Prima Dollys, she had decided to buy Hello Winter on the whim.

Lilian reckons I love blondes. While I don’t think it is necessarily true, it is true that I absolutely adore Saffy. She’s no longer Saffy by the way. Her new name’s Marilyn (no prizes on where the inspiration came from) but just call her M. Marilyn is too fussy for her. She’s a not a fussy, oh let’s do the airkissing/how have you been sweetheart kinda chick. She likes to get straight to the point.

I simply lurve her hair. It has the same fluffy texture as Angelica Eve. I suspect they may have ordered the same hair for both girls (more economical, lol) but it’s fantastic. I am not complaining. I like the soft marshmallow, fluffy texture of it. I know heaps of people are not big fans of the frizz after a while, but I do love big curly hair. There’s a certain old skool glamor to it.Her make up is almost perfect too. I say its almost perfect because while I love the bronze on her cheeks and soft brown on her lips, I simply cannot deal with the blue eyeshadow. I have never liked blue eyeshadow ever since the SQ girls (Singapore Airline air stewardess) scared me with their bright blue eyeshadow and garish red lips with matching nails. So her blue eye shadow will have to go for sure.

She’s quite perfect otherwise. Here’s M, dipping her feet in my wash basin after her jet lag. She knows its no swimming pool. but like I have said, she’s not very fussy at all. It’s all good with her as long as it serves the same purpose.


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